Targets and indicators

Target 8.2

Increase the efficiency of production based on sustainable development and the development of competitive high-tech industries

Indicator 8.2.1

The return on assets Indicator status Reported

Indicator 8.2.2

Labor productivity index, % Indicator status Reported

Target 8.3

Increase employment

Indicator 8.3.1

Employment rate among those aged 20-64, % Indicator status Reported

Target 8.4

Reduce the share of youth not in employment, education or professional training

Target 8.5

Promote a safe and secure working environment for all workers, including through the application of innovative technologies in terms of health and safety

Indicator 8.5.2

Number of workers killed in accidents at work, % of 2015 level Indicator status Reported

Target 8.6

Create institutional and financial capacities for the self-realization of the potential of the economically active population and the development of the creative economy

Indicator 8.6.1

Number of persons employed by SMEs, million persons Indicator status Reported

Indicator 8.6.3

Ukraine’s position in the rating of Doing Business Indicator status Reported