Targets and indicators

Target 9.1

Develop quality, reliable, sustainable and accessible infrastructure based on the use of innovation technologies, including ecologically clean means of transport

Indicator 9.1.2

Indicator 9.1.3

Number of passengers, million persons
  • Indicator status Reported

Target 9.2

Ensure increased use of electric transport and related network infrastructure

Indicator 9.2.1

Target 9.3

Ensure access to road infrastructure based on the use of innovative technologies, in particular by expanding state participation in various infrastructure projects

Target 9.4

Promote accelerated development of high- and medium-technological sectors and manufacturing industries which are formed based on the use of education–science–production chains and a cluster approach by areas, such as development of an innovation ecosystem; development of ICT; use of ICT in agriculture, energy, transport and industry; high-technology mechanical engineering; creation of new materials; development of pharmaceutical and bioengineering industry

Target 9.5

Create financial and institutional systems (innovative infrastructure) that will ensure the development of scientific research and scientific and technical (experimental) development

Target 9.6

Ensure access to the Internet, especially in rural areas

Target 9.7

Ensure increased youth participation in research

Indicator 9.7.1

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