Targets and indicators

Target 5.1

Create an environment for ending all forms of discrimination against women and girls

Target 5.2

Reduce the level of gender-based and domestic violence, and ensure efficient prevention of its manifestations and timely assistance to victims

Indicator 5.2.2

Number of complaints regarding domestic violence, thousands Indicator status Reported

Indicator 5.2.4

Number of child victims of abuse Indicator status Reported

Indicator 5.2.5

Number of persons who participated in programs for abusers Indicator status Reported

Target 5.3

Encourage shared responsibility for housekeeping and childrearing

Target 5.4

Ensure equal opportunities for representation at all levels of decisionmaking in political and public life

Indicator 5.4.1

Share of women among the Members of Parliament of Ukraine, % Indicator status Reported

Indicator 5.4.3

Share of women in the category A, B, C civil service positions Indicator status Reported

Target 5.5

Increase the population’s access to family planning services and reduce teenage fertility

Indicator 5.5.1

Birth rate under the age of 20, per 1,000 women aged 15-19 Indicator status Reported

Target 5.6

Expand economic opportunities for women

Indicator 5.6.1

Ratio of average wages for men and women, % Indicator status Reported

Indicator 5.6.2

Employment rate of women aged 25–44 with children aged 3–5, % Indicator status Reported