Targets and indicators

Target 16.2

Increase detection of victims of human trafficking and all forms of exploitation

Indicator 16.2.2

Number of specialists trained in combating human trafficking Indicator status Reported

Indicator 16.2.4

Number of counter-trafficking information campaigns conducted Indicator status Reported

Target 16.3

Increase confidence in courts and ensure equal access to justice

Indicator 16.3.1

Level of public confidence in the court, % Indicator status Reported

Indicator 16.3.2

Number of persons seeking free legal aid, persons Indicator status Reported

Target 16.4

Strengthen the system for preventing and counteracting the legalization of illegal incomes, the financing of terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction

Target 16.6

Reduce the scale of corruption

Target 16.7

Increase the efficiency of government bodies and local self-government

Target 16.9

Strengthen social stability, and promote peacebuilding and community security

Indicator 16.9.1

Index of social cohesion and reconciliation Indicator status Reported